Part A: Introduction

Community feedback on the Annual Plan 2019/20

Engagement activities were carried out during April/May 2019 on our Annual Plan Consultation Document. They were focused around an engagement website which outlined what was proposed and allowed submitters to fill out a questionnaire of targeted questions. We ran radio and press advertising, social media campaigns and an online virtual Facebook forum with Councillors.

We received 88 written submissions from individuals or organisations and more than 6000 visits to our engagement website. 133 comments were submitted through our Facebook virtual forum, attended by 27 people.

As 2019/20 is year two of Our 10-Year Plan, we did not propose major changes to the plan. The questionnaire was focused on a few budget changes under each of the five priority areas. The feedback was generally supportive of our proposals and our planned year two work plan.

What people said

The feedback sought was mostly based around written thoughts, with two ‘check box’ questions to gauge support on the two most significant proposals. These were the change to the rating differential and the changes to parking fees. The feedback was:

The written feedback showed general support for the proposals in each of the priority areas. The main themes to written submissions were:

Feedback on proposed LTP amendmentTop

We also consulted separately on a proposed amendment to the current LTP. The amendment allows us to enter into an agreement with Housing New Zealand Corporation for the development of the (currently run down) housing sites: Arlington sites 1 and 3 in Mount Cook. The agreement will result in an improved level of service for social housing tenants in Wellington at little or no cost to ratepayers. For more on the amendment refer to Part B: Our work in detail, social and recreation.

Feedback on traffic resolutions for parking feesTop

To comply with Wellington City Council Consolidated Bylaw 2008, traffic resolutions are required to legally implement the proposed parking fee increases. The traffic resolutions were consulted on at the same time as the Annual Plan, with the public invited to provide any comments in writing.

About 300 submissions were received for each of the proposed fee increase options, with several submitters commenting on more than one option in the one submission.

In general submitters were predominantly against the increases. This result is opposite to the feedback we received on the parking changes through the Annual Plan consultation, as discussed on the previous page. This was largely due to unreliable public transport services and a consequential need to use private vehicles to travel across the city. Several submitters also commented on their inability to pay increased parking charges because they were already struggling with other increased living costs.

Those that were in favour of the increase were supportive of the decision that the users should pay, recognised the value of the land in and near the city, and acknowledged the need for a hierarchy of road space to support other initiatives such as bus lanes, cycleways, and walkways.

Other engagementsTop

There were a couple of other engagements which overlapped with consultation on the Annual Plan. These included Te Atakura – First to Zero: our Zero Carbon Capital Plan and Planning for Growth. These two important pieces of work are forward-looking plans that will inform future annual and long-term plans. You can find out more on our website: