Part A: Introduction


Council Plans – an overview

The Local Government Act requires Council to produce a long-term plan (LTP). This sets out the budget for the next 10 years and is reviewed every three years. Our current LTP, Our 10-Year Plan 2018–28, was adopted in June 2018. In between producing LTPs, Council produces annual plans which are a review of our work programme, and considers whether any changes are needed. These changes could be budget revisions, new priorities that arise, or new projects to help deal with issues that face the city.

The Annual Plan 2019/20 represents and aims to deliver on the priorities set out in year two of Our 10-Year Plan.

Our 10-Year Plan Top

The priorities that we set for the current LTP were driven by the challenges of population growth, the resilience of our city and our people, the need to build on areas where we have a competitive advantage, and maintain economic growth. In response to these challenges our priorities are:

In preparing the investment programme based around these five priority areas, we have considered our ability to deliver the planned capital programme and meet the on-going service level expectations of our residents and ratepayers.

The Annual Plan 2019/20 continues the work set by Our 10-Year Plan. Details on Our 10-Year Plan are available at: